Astro Bach Essences Understanding

Flower essences: Natural elixirs that work on a subtle energy level:
They inspire emotional well-being. And while flower essences may not yet be as common are as essential oils, these botanical elixirs hold an important place in the realm of natural medicine.

The most commonly known are the Bach flower essences - a collection of 38 different remedies, discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach.
Christina combines your astrology chart reading with the perfect blend of these Essences for your Personal Astro Bach Essence.

Product details


This blend will support you when you have cycles of ill health or can be used proactively for body maintenance.

Based on your birth chart, this blend will support all areas of your life that require strengthening. Excellent blend for growing children or children with learning challenges.

This is formulated and will assist you in being your own person in any relationship and aids you in asking for your needs to be met.

A solar return chart is a chart cast for the next 12 months from your birthday. This is an annual chart and gives a plan of what to focus on in the coming year. This blend will support you to achieve your outcome and also give clarity around any challenges at that time. What city you were in on your birthday is needed as well as your birth details for this blend.

This blend will give you clarity and direction for your life purpose and release any past blockages which hold you from attaining your destiny.

There are times in life when we experience loss either through illness, trauma, age, death, employment and relationships. At this time you undergo grief as part of the loss process.
This blend will allow you to go through your transition period more smoothly.

*All blends come with an in depth AstroBach report based on your personal Astrology.

Blends are safe for children and can be used in conjunction with other medications.


For Your Personal Astro Bach Blend: Please supply Birth date, time of birth and city of birth and your specific questions, email to

Bach Essences - which are widely available at natural food stores and holistic pharmacies. In addition to these individual remedies, Dr. Bach created the calming formula known as Rescue Remedy, a popular remedy that is often people's first introduction to the realm of flower essences. There are actually hundreds of individual flower essences that can be used, each addressing a different facet of mind-body health.

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