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Christina has always had a passion for health and wanting to helps others. Christina's passion for astrology, combined with her spiritual beliefs, developed her interest in holistic medicine. A Registered Nurse with many years' experience, she qualified in Indian Ayurveda healing and has, through her own research and practical application, become aware that the average person's well-being can be maintained, indeed improved, by a range of alternative practices.

She does not discount Western Medicine but believes that in many instances the answers lie elsewhere and an open mind is crucial to our emotional and physical well-being. Aware that there was nothing available for the average person to acquaint them with these other beliefs, Christina Wrote "Learn to Self Heal"

She has written this book designed to explain other health options and ideologies and provide a detailed description of each. Written in a very easy-to-read style, she has still managed to provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding. So, if your well-being is important to you, you will find this book invaluable.

Christina practises worldwide and lives in sunny Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She can be contacted at:

Christina Richter

Christina's combination of Medical Training coupled with Metaphysics, Astrology, Colour Therapy and Ayurveda Medicine give her a unique skill base.

This enables Christina to assist her clients in identifying the root causes of health and personal problems. Further, by educating and inspiring them, Christina empowers her clients to understand the healing process and informs them of the good practices which are essential to maintaining personal good health.

Christina's grasp of conventional medicine allows her to bring a deep and comprehensive understanding to her practice of Astrology. Through her training and education Christina has also come to comprehend that even if two people have similar signs and symptoms no two people respond to life's circumstances or healing in the same way. This understanding allows Christina to advise people in a very individual way, based on their individual needs.

Christina is highly qualified in the healing arts and has 35 years experience in mainstream medicine. She began her career in nursing and has spent the last 25 years specializing in Intensive Care. She cleverly adapts this knowledge to our western way of life. Christina's focus and passion is to assist her clients in their own Self Healing process.

Astrology reveals your own personal path enabling you to understand what works for you. Christina has, over the past Twenty years, used Astrological methodology to identify and treat psychological, emotional, medical and spiritual symptoms. This information is then used to empower and educate her clients on prevention and how to maintain their health care.

Christina practices as an Astrological Consultant, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner and Energetic Healer in Australia and New Zealand. She merges the ancient wisdom of the East with the Modern lifestyle of the West.

She was a guest speaker and spoke on Medical Astrology and Ayurveda at the Indian Medical Association Conference in 2004. Christina is also currently writing a book on Learn to Self Heal Astrological Tips. She also teaches 'Astrofun' and Colour Therapy

Registered Nurse, Medical Astrology: Advanced Medical Astrology: Master Certificate Astrological Delineation Counseling: Astro Varsity Astrology: In House Astrologer for Karmicecology Magazine: Medical Astrologer for Informed Voice Health Magazine: Diploma Colour Therapy: Certificate Diploma Stress Management : Healing Touch Practitioner : Certificate lV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation: Dysfunctional Pattern Clearing


Tegan Northwood 12 February at 09:53 Reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star

My yoga teacher recommended Christina as I was looking for a slightly clairvoyant astrologer :-). Finally got a reading with her, years after the recommendation. I really appreciated her working with me on what I already knew about astrology, it meant we could cut to the chase about what was going on.

Kristine Barber reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star 2 October 2017

I had my first visit with Christina recently. Didn't really know what to expect, however, I was blown away by the information Christina covered in the short hour we had together. Such a comprehensive session, with lots covered. I left the session with plenty to implement in my life,

Kitki Tong reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star 14 October 2016

It is always a delight to chat with Christina. She is my go-to person whenever I need guidance. Every conversation we have had is like an injection of positive energy.

serene12 Mon 25 Sep

I got a lot out of my session with Christina. I had a business and personal reading and was left feeling very clear about right-timing of things I'd been planning. She affirmed for me that I'm on the right track with my business planning and I loved that I was able to record the session so I can listen to it as often as I want.

ctcottage Sun 23 Jul

I have had a couple of Astrological readings from Christina and both they have been SPOT on. Not only she is very accurate but also, she advices you how to improve your life in a beautiful way. Lovely, very warm and knowledgeable lady. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who needs any guidance in their life.

jennybrown Tue 29 Nov

I have just had a relationship reading with Christina. She was spot on. I knew exactly what she was talking about. She put it together beautifully in a very powerful and helpful way. When I read my notes back to my partner he really sat up and listened. It has made a big difference in his attitude. I also now know what to look out for in the future.