Learn to Self Heal An innovative guide to health.

'Learn to Self-Heal'

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  • An innovative guide to health
  • Medical astrology
  • Ayurveda healing
  • Spiritual health
  • Ancient wisdom of medical astrology

A Note From Chirstina on how this book came into being - "..at the age of 49 I was visiting my Uncle with my Dad at Foxton beach in New Zealand, and one morning I sat upright in bed and thought, "Wow, I'm going to write a book on healing!"

I had decided it was going to be 12 chapters, one for each of the astrology signs in relation to health, as I was interested in medical astrology at the time. I told my dad that morning at the breakfast table and he said, "Sounds good, let me know when you have finished." - Read More In Blogs The Following book was the Result.

'Learn to Self-heal' is an innovative guide to health using time tested healing wisdoms of Medical astrology, Ayurveda healing and Spiritual health. Easy to read, enjoyable and a well-written guide. Christina explains simply and practically steps to gain a greater understanding of your body, your mind, with many options that will lead you to holistic health. It includes inspirational stories of people's journey towards wholeness, delicious recipes and will open your thinking to effective ways to gain and maintain the health you deserve.

A modern guide to ancient wisdom of medical astrology and a great joy to read. Through her sharing of knowledge and personal experience, Christina awakens a deep awareness of our inner power for wholeness by spiritual connection and healing.

As an experienced integrative medical practitioner, I am well aware of the need for humanity to connect beyond the quick fix options and tap into the power of spiritual healing and disease prevention.

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"I have a great deal of respect for all methods of healing which embrace the examination of the 'whole' being. I firmly believe that all the methods outlined in my book have a place in the modern world of healing. They are firmly rooted in our inherited spiritual wisdom." Christina Richter.

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Book reviews "Learn to Self heal"

Excellent Book - ' Learn to Self-Heal ' easy to read, perceptive and with many personal connection points. Great read for anyone interested in Astrology and Medical Health. John Doyle
johndoyle Mon 25 Sep

'Truly fascinating! I have learned so much from this book. It was easy to read and gives a concise overview of many different therapies, perfect for those new to holistic health and those looking for ways to heal themselves and their loved ones. This book is also full of useful suggestions that people and implement immediately to improve their health, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves'
Rachel Lewis Massage Therapist 45years

Just read Christina's new book "Learn to Self-heal." From the foreword I could tell I liked her approach. It's a comfortable read that confirmed some aspects of myself and enlightened me and increased my curiosity in others. Diving back in to explore it some more.
jleaf Sun 01 Jan

Jody Morrison? to Astroplus.co.nz 16 December 2017
I have known Christina for a while now as she has been a guest several times on my radio show. Based on how interesting I found her, I booked a full reading and I was blown away. Her insight and knowledge were superlative and her accuracy was just amazing. And then.... I read Christina's book on self-healing. It was like having Christina with me whenever I wanted to consult her. Her book is so easy to use and read. It allows me to stay on track and to review the information I may have overlooked or need reinforced. Christina is truly a gift to us all as we work on our own health and healing at every level. Blending health information specifically targeted for me and astrology is nothing short of brilliant. Add her knowledge of psychology and spiritual matters and.... Christina is the whole package.

Jan 08, 2017Roderick Kidston rated it 5/5 really liked it 5555
This is a good book for anyone who wants a sound introduction to holistic health practices. Christina is drawing on her experiences as a nurse, an astrologer and in complementary health to give both an overview and useful details on how you can optimise your well-being. She draws together many threads and weaves them into a helpful whole. I particularly liked the tips she offers from Ayurveda, and the practical suggestions for making better use of the day based on body rhythms and what works best at particular times. But I think there is something here for everyone. There are lots of texts on holistic health and self-help but this is a solid practical guide which draws together material from many sources and makes it simple (without being simplistic) and accessible. If you aren't sure where to start, why not start here?!

Kim Chamberlain rated it 5/5 really liked it 5
A very professional book with a good writing style - very informative, easy to understand and follow. I like the fact that it is in short sections which makes it easy to digest. I also like there are interesting stories which brings an additional level of understanding and connectedness for the reader.

Win Needham rated it 5/5 it was am 555555
I know this book very well and I have read it several times. It is an easy-read, a book that you can pick up and reference at any time. It is packed full of useful information to help us understand that there are powerful alternative methods to help gain/maintain our good health. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge about the balance connecting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Read "Learn to Self-Heal", you will find it invaluable!

Mar 02, 2018Louise Kesterson rated it 5/5 it was amazing
I have read this book a number of times and refer to it often. I have found it to offer a wealth of information specific to my sign and in a holistic way. I have never found a book quite like this where I feel like I am getting personal support related to my sign and constitution and I have found it to be immensely helpful. I use it as a reference book often for myself and my family and friends. A wonderful read!