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Astrology Services

Astrology is a healing science. Science has proven that the universe is a system of electromagnetic forces. These forces directly influence human beings as we are also energy beings. In humans, this magnetic field is called the chakra system. The chakra system directly connects us to the planets. Your astrology chart is a personal blueprint and roadmap in all areas of your life including past lives. Any confusion or fear in areas of love, career, finance, life purpose and health, astrology is a guiding light pinpointing answers and timeframes. A true investment in the self.

Medical Astrology

A medical astrology session will

  • Highlight your body's potential for illness and how to strengthen it.
  • Show timing and duration of disease and recommended healing options
  • Show how to keep your body in balance and good health with a specific health management plan
  • Will show time for fertility
  • Optimal timing for elective surgery.
  • Personal Love Profile

    Your personal Love Profile

    Love is a quality people spend most of their life searching for. Your personal love profile will enable you attain love in your life by identifying what you need to make you happy and fulfilled instead of what you think you need or desire which is often short lived.

    With this investment you will understand what you need to have love in your life that will last. This detailed e-report is valuable if you are dating, keep attracting the same sort of partner that does not serve you and will identify traits in your perfect mate that will fulfill you. If you would like an e-report please contact Christina.

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    Learn Astrology Online

    Ever wanted to understand why you think and act the way you do?
    What challenges and lessons you are here to learn.
    What kind of partner or career do you need to have a happy and fulfilling life?
    Apply for my ten-lesson introductory astrology online course. Cost 180.00 or payable $90.00 for five lessons at a time. This price includes skype time with me.
    Start your journey of self-knowledge now.

    Astrobach Essenses

    Based on your astrology chart, Bach flowers are blended together to assist you through emotional, mental or physical stress.
    No side effects and safe for children.