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Tegan Northwood reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star 12 February at 09:53
My yoga teacher recommended Christina as I was looking for a slightly clairvoyant astrologer :-). Finally got a reading with her, years after the recommendation. I really appreciated her working with me on what I already knew about astrology, it meant we could cut to the chase about what was going on. She was really thorough and gave me clear messages. The only thing is I wish I'd recorded the session rather than taken notes! - I didn't think to ask if we could do this and we covered a lot so it would have helped to listen again later when I wasn't in the middle of it. Now considering getting a follow-up to clarify a couple of things. I recommend getting the 1.5 hour reading for slightly more! Thanks Christina, our session really put a rocket under me :-)

Kristine Barber reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star 2 October 2017-
I had my first visit with Christina recently. Didn't really know what to expect, however, I was blown away by the information Christina covered in the short hour we had together. Such a comprehensive session, with lots covered. I left the session with plenty to implement in my life, but also a sense of hope. Christina is empathetic, easy to connect with, caring and kind and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kitki Tong reviewed Astroplus.co.nz - 5 star 14 October 2016
It is always a delight to chat with Christina. She is my go-to person whenever I need guidance. Every conversation we have had is like an injection of positive energy. She helped me through tough break-up, hard decision making and really helped me to clarify my visions. I recommend her service to anyone. ?

I got a lot out of my session with Christina. I had a business and personal reading and was left feeling very clear about right-timing of things I'd been planning. She affirmed for me that I'm on the right track with my business planning and I loved that I was able to record the session so I can listen to it as often as I want. I'll be checking in regularly to make sure that I'm making the best use of auspicious dates and avoiding doing things during periods that are not. Thanks Christina.
serene12 Mon 25 Sep

I have had a couple of Astrological readings from Christina and both they have been SPOT on. Not only she is very accurate but also, she advices you how to improve your life in a beautiful way. Lovely, very warm and knowledgeable lady. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who needs any guidance in their life. Thank you, Christina, for all your help and wonderful advices regarding my love life, I felt a lot better after reading your reading, it was very helpful. I will be back for more.
"ctcottage Sun 23 Jul

on behalf of my daughter - Wow, my report was eye opening so much of it made so much sense to me. It raised my awareness of my own uniqueness and how I can work with some aspects that I might have perceived as negative in the past. The health stuff was invaluable as I need that info at the moment. Thanks Christina, really appreciate your work and gift and how you can help people on their journeys
ctcottage Mon 19 Jun

I consulted Christina for health astrology as I had been very unwell for a few months and Drs had no diagnosis or even any advice other than to say it was a virus. What Christina revealed to me was just amazing. Very insightful and filled with loads of helpful advice. I also got her to make me up a health Astrobach remedy and got her book which I highly recommend as it is filled with lots of in-depth info and some recipes. also.
"dolltrader Mon 12 Jun

Christina's astrology consultations & courses have been valuable to our family. I recently had a health consultation with Christina, which was informative & on the button which has been very helpful in improving my health. I like that Christina's consultations are very specific to each individual & Christina has many fields of heath expertise to draw upon & a wealth of knowledge, she's very passionate & dedicated which benefits many. Thank you Christina
grunta51 Mon 01 May

I came to see Christina to gain clarity concerning my youngest son. As a mother I think i know my child best, however, I had a need to see which aspects are astrologically "backed up" re his behaviour, character, strengths and challenges. Christina guided me through his chart in a planned and constructive manner. She demonstrated experience, sound knowledge and communicated in clear and respectful manner. I recommend Christina to people who seek astrologer and value a medical background!
gokiwi4 Wed 19 Apr

An amazing empathic person who combines intuitive and scientific information to produce accurate readings. Christine confirmed many things that I had puzzled over. Her astrological observations will guide me in the future years based on a reading that supported what I had suspected.. I highly recommend a reading and future contact for a more predictable future. I shall observe her warnings and gratefully thank her for her time and interest. A medical astrological reading is a great gift. Thanks
johno1958 Wed 08 Feb

I have just had a relationship reading with Christina. She was spot on. I knew exactly what she was talking about. She put it together beautifully in a very powerful and helpful way. When I read my notes back to my partner he really sat up and listened. It has made a big difference in his attitude. I also now know what to look out for in the future. I highly recommend Christina and will definitely be having more readings
jennybrown Tue 29 Nov

I recently consulted with Christina regarding a health issue affecting my daughter, having been recommended Christina by a friend. It became instantly clear that Christina is a very caring person. Her report came promptly and when promised and delivered on exactly what I'd asked for. She gave a lot of great advice and her insight into my daughter's personality and traits was spot on. She was also very quick in responding to a couple of queries I had. Thank you so much Christina!
seven15 Mon 03 Oct

Thanks Christina for your inspiring reading of my chart. I have been thinking recently about my career and where I am heading. You have encouraged me to keep an open mind in regard to a career change and I feel I have been given a 'heads up' in terms of possibilities. As a student of Astrology, I also really appreciated how you clearly explained to me the aspects which you used to interpret my chart. I will certainly return to you with further questions, both as a client and as a student :-)
karma25 Thu 09 Jun

Christina is teaching my daughter (who is 9) Astrology at the moment and she really loves it! Learning about all the aspects/planets, interpretations, astrological charts and so much more. My daughter has a thirst for knowledge & loves anything to do with Astrology and the Course that Christina is teaching is amazing. I would encourage anyone with an interest to get in touch with Christina as she teaches at all levels & you will not be disappointed! Thanks so much :) Fantastic!!
peacemaker3 Sun 15 May

My granddaughter had a reading with Christina she is 16 and having a few health problems Christina was spot on in her reading my granddaughter was so blown away with how accurate she was, also Christina had a beautiful why of relating to this young lady she is kind caring and real, I would encourage anyone to give this lady a call you won't be disappointed.
mikeshaz Fri 01 Jan

WOW..... although sceptical. I did not know if I needed this or not, however, I booked myself an Astrological reading. It certainly gave me the PUSH I needed... I know the universe, God, things... had continuously been jumping my direction out at me... I had learnt to say... oh surely i couldn't possibly be doing that. Well after this reading. I'm looking actively for support to make my dream true. I learnt I am worthy and I can remain well if I follow the advice... and it's working!!!!
merlot32 Sat 26 Dec

Thank you Christina Ten out of ten. I was lucky enough to meet Christina and find out about her amazing gift Christina did a reading for my teen age daughter it was very accurate and I found out a lot of interesting and accurate and helpful information about her that I did not know. I really enjoyed sharing the reading with my daughter and she confirmed how accurate it was. Thanks to the reading I have a greater understanding of my daughter in a really good way.
Thanks again Christina.wlr2 Sat 05 Dec

I came to Christina when my health was in a dire situation and no one could diagnose or treat my condition. I was so sick that I took 6 months off work. Christina looked at my symptoms and chart and came up with personalised recommendations. Her approach encompassed many codes of health. It was holistic, specific and practical. Her advice saved me. Christina is gifted in medical astrology and treating health. I have taken all her advice on board and it has made a world of difference.
rozzi Sat 05 Dec

I have the highest praise for Christina: her skills and gifts in reading my astrological chart and answering my complicated questions. Christina is so approachable - she has a true feeling for deep-seated issues and interprets meanings and reasons for them. Christina has years of experience and that fact is truly apparent when you have a reading with her. She takes time and does not rush you, covers all your queries. Thank you, Christina - till next time :-)
argos18 Sun 01 Nov

A few weeks ago, I attended a course Christina ran about Astrology and your Money. I am so glad I attended this...I learnt so much about the way we look at and perceive money. It is fair to say I now have a different outlook - a much more positive one! Christina also provided me with my own personal favourable investment period times through till 2022 which was fantastic - Thank you Christina this course was of great value to me in more ways than one - I highly recommend Christina's courses :-)
dicex2 Wed 07 Oct

I consulted with Christina when I could feel that I was falling into a black hole, which turned out to be depression. Christina utilised a number of techniques to encourage me back to wellness. I found healing touch really beneficial. As a means of therapy, it provided me with emotional and mental balance. I also incorporated Ayurvedic principles into my daily living, which made an enormous difference. These techniques made a huge difference to my recovery, for which I am very grateful.
riley39 Thu 16 Oct

Wow... my first meeting with Christina blew my mind! I was initially sceptical but her warmth, energy and accuracy in her conclusions forever changed my beliefs on astrology. She gave me a thorough understanding of my circumstances and much of what she spoke of is currently unfolding. My one chart reading with Christina also healed many parts that countless readings had not been able to restore. For which, I am most grateful! Rest assured that no stone is left unturned... You will leave your reading feeling empowered and with a greater understanding of your purpose and direction in life.
Bridget Bell 25 years

Every time I spoke with Christine, she sends out this positive vibe no matter the situation. I have multiple readings from her throughout the years, I don't always listen but I should have - ever single time.
kitki Tue 05 Jun

Saw Christina for a 90min session on 21/5/18 at Inspire. Me premises in Palmerston North. Excellent experience. I highly recommend her to all interested in the subject. Concise and thorough review with explanations. Thank you very much indeed Christina - A+++
vickik3 Tue 22 May

I saw Christina yesterday and was blown away by her accuracy of my personality, environment and moving forward in my direction in life. She is very straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat her answers, which i loved as I was there for the truth and boy did I get it and then some!!!! Christina has a wonderful energy and presence around her and I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends! I will absolutely stay in touch with Christina!
rockchic9 Mon 21 May

I was amazed at the accuracy of Christina's astrological reading which also gave me considerable insight and understanding of my life path to date. Highly recommend if you have specific questions, and if you want to know about your life purpose. Christina had put considerable thought into the interpretation of my natal chart prior to our meeting, which was worth my financial outlay. She gave so much information I'm still processing it all.
daisylu1 Mon 21 May

Book reviews learn to Self heal Excellent Book - ' Learn to Self-Heal ' easy to read, perceptive and with many personal connection points. Great read for anyone interested in Astrology and Medical Health. John Doyle
johndoyle Mon 25 Sep

'Truly fascinating! I have learned so much from this book. It was easy to read and gives a concise overview of many different therapies, perfect for those new to holistic health and those looking for ways to heal themselves and their loved ones. This book is also full of useful suggestions that people and implement immediately to improve their health, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves'
Rachel Lewis Massage Therapist 45years

Just read Christina's new book "Learn to Self-heal." From the foreword I could tell I liked her approach. It's a comfortable read that confirmed some aspects of myself and enlightened me and increased my curiosity in others. Diving back in to explore it some more.
jleaf Sun 01 Jan

Jody Morrison? to Astroplus.co.nz 16 December 2017

I have known Christina for a while now as she has been a guest several times on my radio show. Based on how interesting I found her, I booked a full reading and I was blown away. Her insight and knowledge were superlative and her accuracy was just amazing. And then.... I read Christina's book on self-healing. It was like having Christina with me whenever I wanted to consult her. Her book is so easy to use and read. It allows me to stay on track and to review the information I may have overlooked or need reinforced. Christina is truly a gift to us all as we work on our own health and healing at every level. Blending health information specifically targeted for me and astrology is nothing short of brilliant. Add her knowledge of psychology and spiritual matters and.... Christina is the whole package.

Jan 08, 2017Roderick Kidston rated it 5/5 really liked it 5555

This is a good book for anyone who wants a sound introduction to holistic health practices. Christina is drawing on her experiences as a nurse, an astrologer and in complementary health to give both an overview and useful details on how you can optimise your well-being. She draws together many threads and weaves them into a helpful whole. I particularly liked the tips she offers from Ayurveda, and the practical suggestions for making better use of the day based on body rhythms and what works best at particular times. But I think there is something here for everyone. There are lots of texts on holistic health and self-help but this is a solid practical guide which draws together material from many sources and makes it simple (without being simplistic) and accessible. If you aren't sure where to start, why not start here?!

Kim Chamberlain rated it 5/5 really liked it 5

A very professional book with a good writing style - very informative, easy to understand and follow. I like the fact that it is in short sections which makes it easy to digest. I also like there are interesting stories which brings an additional level of understanding and connectedness for the reader.

Win Needham rated it 5/5 it was am 555555

I know this book very well and I have read it several times. It is an easy-read, a book that you can pick up and reference at any time. It is packed full of useful information to help us understand that there are powerful alternative methods to help gain/maintain our good health. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge about the balance connecting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Read "Learn to Self-Heal", you will find it invaluable!

Mar 02, 2018Louise Kesterson rated it 5/5 it was amazing

I have read this book a number of times and refer to it often. I have found it to offer a wealth of information specific to my sign and in a holistic way. I have never found a book quite like this where I feel like I am getting personal support related to my sign and constitution and I have found it to be immensely helpful. I use it as a reference book often for myself and my family and friends. A wonderful read!